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January 11, 2012

A Storm in the Ocean

Without actively searching, I occasionally get the odd offer of freelance work coming through via my website. They often tend to be someone wanting me to work for free on their latest project which ‘is gonna be huge’, and maybe they will be, but experience tells me they often are not and I generally decline because I am too busy working on other things.

Last year I was contacted in a similar way by Nick Lean at Ocean Storm Storm Films, but something about his email made this sound different. It might be because he lived fairly locally to me and actually wanted to meet in person. So after a brief bit of internet research I tentatively agreed to meet for a beer. It became obvious from that meeting that Nick certainly knew what he was talking about and was worth working with.

Shortly afterwards he sent some footage to me, and I began working as the environment artist for TV pilot. He had filmed the actors on green screen and needed four CG backgrounds; an awards stage, sports show, news show and a NYC alley. I discussed what he wanted in them, did the usually research and drew up some very quick concepts. Then once they were signed off I started work.

Here are the (almost) finished shots:

News Show:

 Sports Show:

Awards Ceremony:

NYC Alley:

I still need to add the foreground desks and tables and do some tweaking and proper compositing, but I’m nearly there.

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