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April 17, 2012

Portchester Castle VFX test shot

I wanted to test out a few VFX process' that I've had in mind for a while, so I trudge off 10 minutes down the road to my local castle,  Portchester Castle and filmed a few test shots with my trusty Canon 550d DSLR camera.

Here is the original footage:

And to contrast, here is the processed footage:

I started off by using Nuke X and FurnaceCore F_wire_removal, to remove the flag pole atop the keep. Due to the very shaky footage I could not automate the process, so pretty much had to do this frame by frame.

Next up, I used Rolling Shutter to remove the, well, rolling shutter effect! After that I applied the FurnaceCore F_steadiness to smooth the jitteryness of the hand held camera.

This was then rendered out and taken into After Effects, where I graded it with Magic Bullet Looks.

I'm pretty pleased with the final look, it could definitely be improved but hey, it was just a VFX process test so I'm not gonna be too fussy and spend too much time on it.